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I'm a Graphic Designer at heart (job in web development right) with a goofy little habit of DRAWANG DAGRONS among other things.

Loves her Shinerai~~ :iconshinerai::iconmorowhitewolf:

con report and computer

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 10, 2010, 9:20 PM

So! The lagging on my laptop is finally so bad, like "can't even see while typing/no more than one program open at a time" bad, that I finally caved and bought a new computer. Sort of makes me mad, because my laptop is like two years old. But I think it wants to die :C it's running Vista XD. New computer, however, is a shiny new dell that I fell in love with, even though I had to call tech support about it not turning on (how did they ship it without plugging in the hard disk power cables).

So my plans are:
  • Get CAT5 cable for desktop (internets!)
  • Check zillions of DA messages that I haven't been ignoring I swear
  • Install Ubuntu on suicidal laptop
  • Have a good laugh.

Unless anyone else knows a good OS?

A-kon report
GOOD GOSH I had a great time with Shinerai and KittyDood like honestly one of the best....28 hours of my life. Even if it was at a connnn. I love them ;3;~
I don't know if anyone else who watches me went? There were approximately 9999% more Hanna is Not a Boy's Name cosplayers than I expected, I spotted a DrMcNinja and flipped the hell out, there was a Mechwarrior and Splicers and all these rad video game characters that totally offset the Bleach and Naruto cosplayers who AREN'T EVEN TRYING ANYMORE. I guess the crowning cosplayers were Marines, Sengoku and Garp XD may not have been the best my heart~

I battled Shin for business cards, I think we ended up with about the same though. DUDE IF ANY OF YOU WATCHERFRIENDS HAVE A BUSINESS CARD, I SO WANT IT.

Last thing
It was great getting little bits of my characters out there, thanks for being cool about it! I posted up the CSS if anyone else wants to do about the same (I think it would be cool! Show me your summaries!). Sorry if they're a little borked, I'm trying to figure out the system. So my friends, you all are BETA TESTERS YEAH
I'm sort of stuck using this CSS theme until my new computer gets all hooked up with internet and I can see what I'm doing. I don't even know what happened. But I'm looking forward to writing a fancy new one, I guess! And I'll share that too if it comes out all right.


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